lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009

Denial of coition

"66. Our minor is easy of demonstration in each of its parts.
And indeed, the appetitive passion of coition is a sensual passion ; the grief, sadness, wrath, rage, occasioned by the denial of coition, are sensual passions, as is seen with all animals ; generation through coition is evidently a sensual operation. Now, all that happens with Incubi, as has been shown above : they incite women, sometimes even men; if denied, they sadden and storm, like lovers : amantes, amentes ; they perfectly practice coition, and sometimes beget. It must therefore be inferred that they have senses, and consequently a body ; consequently also, that they are perfect animals. More than that : with closed doors and windows they enter wherever they please : their body is therefore slender; they foreknow and foretell the future, compose and divide, all which operations are proper to a rational soul ; they therefore possess a rational soul and are, in sooth, rational animals.

Doctors generally retort that it is the Evil Spirit that perpetrates those impure acts, simulates passions, love, grief at the denial of coition, in order to entice souls to sin and to undo them; and that, if he copulates and begets, it is with assumed sperm and body, as aforesaid (Nr 24)."


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